List of Star Trek Novels, Soft and Hardcover

I have been collecting Star Trek novels for some time. Here is a simple list of what I have so far.

Bantam Books:

Star Trek – Adapted by James Blish
STAR TREK: The New Voyages 2 – Various
Trek to Madworld – Goldin, Stephen
Devil World – Eklund, Gordon
The Fate of the Phoenix – Marshak, Sondra and Myrna Culbreath
The Price of the Phoenix – Marshak, Sondra and Myrna Culbreath
Planet of Judgment – Haldeman, Joe
Perry’s Planet – Haldeman, Jack C. II
SPock Must Die! – Blish, James
The Starless World – Eklund, Gordon
Spock, Messiah! – Cogswell, Theodore R. and Charles A. Spano, Jr.
The Galactic Whirlpool – Gerrold, David
VULCAN! – Sky, Kathleen
Death’s Angel – Sky, Kathleen

Pocket Books:

STAR TREK: The Wrath of Khan – McIntyre, Vonda N.
STAR TREK IV: The Voyage Home – McIntyre, Vonda N.
STAR TREK V: The Final Frontier – Dillard, J.M.
Best Destiny – Carey, Diane
SPock’s World – Duane, Diane (Hardcover)
Probe – Bonanno, Margaret Wander (Hardcover)
Strangers From The Sky – Bonanno, Margaret Wander (Hardcover)
The Lost Years – Dillard, J.M. (Hardcover)
Federation – JUdith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens (Hardcover)
Prime Directive – Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens (Hardcover)(need upgrade)
Sarek – Crispin, A.C.
Spectre – William Shatner (Hardcover)
Vulcan’s Forge – Sherman, Josepha and Susan Shwartz
Shadows On The Sun – Friedman, Michael Jan (need upgrade)
Final Frontier – Carey, Diane
My Brother’s Keeper: Constitution – Friedman, Michael Jan (2of3)
Errand of Vengance: River of Blood – Ryan, Kevin (3of3)
The Ashes of Eden – William Shatner
Vulcan’s Heart – Sherman, Josepha and Susan Shwartz (Hardcover)

9. Triangle – Marshak, Sondra and Myrna Culbreath (need upgrade)
11. Yesterday’s Son – Crispin, A.C.
18. My Enemy, My Ally – Duane, Diane
20. The Vulcan Academy Murders – Lorrah, Jean
23. Ishmael – Hambly, Barbara
25. Dwellers in the Crucible – Bonanno, Margaret Wander
28. Crisis on Centaurus – Ferguson, Brad
32. Chain of Attack – DeWeese, Gene
33. Deep Domain – Weinstein, Howard
34. Dreams of the Raven – Carter, Carmen
36. How Much For Just the Planet? – Ford, John M.
37. Bloodthirst – Dillard, J.M.
38. The IDIC Epidemic – Lorrah, Jean
42. Memory Prime –¬†Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens
43. The Final Nexus – DeWeese, Gene
45. Double, Double – Friedman, Michael Jan
47. The Kobayashi Maru – Ecklar, Julia
49. The Pandora Principle – Clowes, Carolyn
55. Renegade – DeWeese, Gene
58. Faces of Fire – Friedman, Michael Jan
61. Sanctuary – Vornholt, John
62. Death Count – Graf, L.A.
63. Shell Game – Crandall, Melissa
67. The Great Starship Race – Carey, Diane
75. First Frontier – Carey, Diane and Dr. James I. Kirkland
78. The Rings of Tautee – Smith, Dean Wesley and Kristine Kathryn Rusch
82. Mind Meld – Vornholt, John
88. Across the Universe – Sargent, Pamela and George Zebrowski
95. RIHANNSU: Swordhunt – Duane, Diane (3of3)


The Entropy Effect – McIntyre, Vonda N.
Web of the Romulans – Murdock, M.S.
The Covenant of the Crown – Weinstein, Howard
The Klingon Gambit – Vardeman, Robert E.
Black Fire – Cooper, Sonni

ST: Next Generation

STAR TREK Insurrection – Dillard, J.M.(Hardcover)
STAR TREK Generations – Dillard, J.M. (Hardcover)
Unification – Taylor, Jeri
Q-Squared – David, Peter (Hardcover)
Kahless – Friedman, Michael Jan (Hardcover)
The Valiant – Friedman, Michael Jan (Hardcover)
Vendetta: The Giant Novel – David, Peter
All Good Things… – Friedman, Michael Jan (Hardcover)
Crossover – Friedman, Michael Jan (Hardcover)
The Devil’s Heart – Carter, Carmen (Hardcover)
Imzadi II: Triangle – David, Peter (Hardcover)
The Genesis Wave: Book One – Vornholt, John (Hardcover)
Ship of the Line – Carey, Diane (Hardcover)
Dark Mirror – Duane, Diane (Hardcover)
Reunion – Friedman, Michael Jan (Hardcover)
Day of Honor: Ancient Blood – Carey, Diane (1of4)
ST: Stargazer: Book One: Gauntlet – Friedman, Michael Jan
ST: Stargazer: Book Two: Progenitor – Friedman, Michael Jan

5. Strike Zone – David, Peter
9. A Call to Darkness – Friedman, Michael Jan
15. Fortune’s Light – Friedman, Michael Jan
16. Contamination – Vornholt, John
18. Q-In-Law – David, Peter
21. Chains of Command – McCay, Bill and Eloise Flood
23. War Drums – Vornholt, John
24. Nightshade – Hamilton, Laurell K.
26. The Romulan Prize – Hawke, Simon
28. Here There Be Dragons – Peel, John
30. Debtors’ Planet – Thompson, W.R.
32. Requiem – Friedman, Michael Jan and Kevin Ryan
38. Dragon’s Honor – Johnson, Kij and Greg Cox
39. Rogue Saucer – Vornholt, John
47. THE Q CONTINUUM: Q-Space – Cox, Greg (1of3)
49. THE Q CONTINUUM: Q-Strike – Cox, Greg (3of3)
51. DOUBLE HELIX: Infection – Betancourt, John Gregory (1of6)
58. Gemworld – Vornholt, John (1of2)
59. Gemworld – Vornholt, John (2of2)
60. Tooth and Claw – Durgin, Doranna
61. Diplomatic Implausibility – DeCandido, Keith R.A.
62. Maximum Warp – Galanter, Dave and Greg Brodeur (1of2)
63. Maximum Warp – Galanter, Dave and Greg Brodeur (2of2)


The Way of the Warrior – Carey, Diane
Millennium: The Fall of Terok Nor – Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens (1of3)
Millennium: Inferno – Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens (3of3)

7. Warchild – Friesner, Esther
12. The Laertian Gamble – Sheckley, Robert
23. The 34th Rule – Shimerman, Armin and David R. George III

ST: Voyager

1. Caretaker – Graf, L.A.

The Dominion War:
TNG – Vornholt, John (3of4)
DS9 – Carey, Diane (4of4)

TOS: First Strike (1of4)
TNG: THe Soldiers of Fear (2of4)
VGR: The FInal Fury (4of4)

Book One – DeCandido, KEith R.A.

STAR TREK: The Lost Era

2328-2346: The Art of the Impossible – DeCandido, Keith R.A.
2311: Serpents Among the Ruins – George, David R. III

STAR TREK: New Frontiers

8. Dark Allies – David, Peter

Star Trek: TITAN

Orion’s Hounds – Bennett, Christopher L.

Star Trek Memories – William Shatner

The Star Trek Reader I-IV – James Blish (Hardcover)(NO Slipcover)


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